To demonstrate my Planning for Instruction, I have included two plans. On the left is a BOPPPS Framework Lesson Plan that I used when I recorded my microteaching assignment. On the right is a Weekly Outline that I developed to plan my course content for a week. 


By creating a weekly plan complete with sections on lectures, activities, Q&A, and project time - all with time allotments, I found that I was much better at maintaining focus, determining how much I lectured vs active participation, and was able to better adjust schedules to accommodate for any necessary changes. Each section of the plan could have a BOPPPS lesson plan for the learning, but an overall outline of the week keeps me more organized. Included in my plan is a checklist of resources and materials I need to gather or prepare to be ready for the week. With this type of plan, I find there is less last minute scrambling and I'm not rushing into class as frazzled as I was before. It has definitely helped my state of mind, and I believe this is reflected in my teaching!

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