Strengths Assessment


Careful, vigilant, and private. I see the world as an unpredictable place, and I do my best to reduce risk in my world. I like to plan and anticipate.


I tend to be objective and dispassionate. I like data and facts, as they have no assigned agendas or values. I tend to be logical, and ask questions to find the proof in findings.


I greatly value equity, and find any type of nepotism or cronyism deeply offensive. I function best where rules are clear, and environments are predictable.


I strive to minimize conflict and friction. I tend to hold my peace, as I find that arguing wastes time that could be better used with functional pursuits.


I like to think. I enjoy time alone in order to ponder my thoughts, and tend to want to problem solve. I tend to be very introspective, and may be my own best companion.

The synopses of the various strengths are paraphrased from a Clifton Strengths assessment, taken in July 2018. The information is © 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

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